2023 Award of Excellence: Urji Ahmed, Tartan High School

Urji Ahmed

Award of Excellence Characteristic: Achievement, Community, Courage

Nominated by: Ryann Dear

Parent/Guardian: Munteha Muhammed, Umar Muhammed

Schools Attended: Oakdale Elementary School, Skyview Middle School, Tartan High School

High School Experience: I have had a wonderful high school experience at Tartan school with the amazing staff, students and teachers. All that I have gained will help me grow down the road.

Future Plans: I plan to go to either Augsburg or University of Minnesota to Minor in political science and Major in psychology.

Mentor and Why Selected: I selected Bethany Ingberg because throughout my high school years she has been the one there helping me grow more confident and more involved. I have been able to grow knowing I had someone to support me and give advice when needed.