Sylvia E. Neblett

Your name: Sylvia E. Neblett

Your Current or Most recent Profession & Role: Former Maplewood City Council Member; current member of the Ramsey County Library Board and 622 Community Education Advisory

Your goals and aspirations: I think my goal in life is to help others

Favorite 622 Education Foundation Event & Why?  I would say the Stars Banquet.  It is a really special event for students who have worked hard to be recognized for their academic success, but it is also a celebration for parents/family members who have supported their students through their high school careers.  It takes a village. But, even though it is not an event, the resources provided by the Angel Fund are so necessary and supports families in ways that often there are no  other avenues for help, is my real favorite thing the Foundation does.

Why did you join the 622 Foundation? I joined the Foundation because of the work that is being done and the obvious commitment that the members have to the organization.

Hobbies/Interests: Hobbies, a daily walk and reading.  My interest include politics, racial justice and equity issues.