Due to ongoing uncertainty, the 622 Education Foundation was not able to hold the traditional STA2RS banquet this year. Instead, to honor these top 2020 students from District 622, the Foundation will recognize STA2RS students virtually. 

The 622 Education Foundation remains committed to celebrating School District 622’s deserving high school seniors and their teachers/mentors in other ways. One of the ways the Foundation will recognize our 622 STA2RS is to share a video of remarks from students and their teachers/mentors.

On Location TV 19 will air the video on June 15th at 7 p.m. and replay on June 16th & 17th. It will also be aired in high definition on Channel 801 on June 15th.


2020 North STA2RS Students

Aishat Adedayo

Mmanuel Afi Dumenya

Stormi Allen-Knight

Shelby Anderson

Cristian Arias

Samantha Bonn

Rose Border

Clair Cardinal

Anna Conway

Molly Conway

Jemima Cooke

Kristin Decaire

Lamine Diaby-Gassama

Nicki Empting

Jesus Garcia Badillo

Soliana Ghidewon

Josie Gulyash

Suzanne Gustafson

Candy Hernandez Romero

Erica Horwath

Lindsey Khang

Abby Lebens

Giselle Lo

Noelle Mallinger

Bao-Phong Nguyen

Dalena Nguyen

Madeline Nielsen

Soe Oo

Kathryn Orme

Olivia Rolland

Briyana Ros

Macy Shaul

Marri Smith

Laura Star

Kim Tran

Miah Vang

Ramsey C Vang

Aeriyane Weems

Danielle Xiong

Richard Xiong

2020 Tartan STA2RS

Jacob Anderson

Lydia Ato

Kit Bitner

Rece Brockopp

Matthew Browne

Bailee Buche

Noah Buck

McKenna Campbell

Jaida Conroy

Anne Dao

Cody Engstrom

Autumnmae Her

Cristian Hernandez

Alexandra Howard

Ethan Hughes

Anne Kemper

Garrett Kierzek

Madison Klimek

Nicholas Koren

Thomas Larson

Jemee Lee

Precious Lee

Angela Lenling

Alexandra Lyle

Paige Madsen

Hnubci Moua

Yue Pheng Moua

Kaitlyn Niemann

Tristan Pawlenty

Alec Pfalz

Raissa Rih-Reh

Hailey Saniti

Madison Schaufler

Munita Thol

Ryan Willett

Madison Yang

Raquel Zambrano