2023 Award of Excellence: ShouaNha Vang, North High School

ShouaNha Vang

Award of Excellence Characteristic: Achievement

Nominated by: Keith Reynolds

Parent/Guardian: Yong Yang (Mother) Lau Vang (Father)

Schools Attended: Life Prep School and Weaver Elementary, John Glenn Middle School, North High School

High School Experience: It’s been an amazing experience to take on my high school years at North High School. The many friendships, knowledge, and skills I’ve gained will continue to guide me for my future!

Future Plans: I plan to continue my education at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities for nursing!

Mentor and Why Selected: Brian Lewis always reminded me that one bad try was never a failure. No matter how bad you do on a specific assignment, that doesn’t determine how smart or dumb you are. He taught me that it is okay to correct your mistakes and try again.