2023 Award of Excellence: Sewit Tesfai, Tartan High School

Sewit Tesfai

Award of Excellence Characteristic: Achievement, Community, Integrity, Resilience

Nominated by: Alannah Peters & Craig Spreiter

Parent/Guardian: Senait Ghebray and Mussye Tesfai

Schools Attended: Eagle Point Elementary School, Skyview Middle School, Tartan Senior High School

High School Experience: I loved my time at Tartan, I got to interact with different diverse groups, and discover my passions!

Future Plans: I plan to go to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and double major in Marketing and Political Science

Mentor and Why Selected: Mrs. Natalie Macdonald has helped me in numerous way, she sacrificed countless hours to help me with my college essays, and has helped me become the best writer I can be. She constantly encourages me and my classmates to be better, and truly has our best interests at heart.