2023 Award of Excellence: Reign Allen-Knight, North High School

Reign Allen-Knight
Reign Allen-Knight

Award of Excellence Characteristic: Courage, Imagination, Integrity, Resilience

Nominated by: Mr. Hammerman

Parent/Guardian: Kawana Knight, Brian Mcdougald

Schools Attended: Webster Elementary, John Glenn Middle, North High School

High School Experience: The knowledge I’ve learned from being apart of North High will help me navigate through life in the future. Despite the ups and downs I have had a wonderful time being a student there.

Future Plans: This summer I will be going to basic training for the Army National Guard. When I return I will take a year off to work and explore.

Mentor and Why Selected: Mr. Andrew Austin has taught me so much in such short time I feel as though without meeting him I would’ve been lost and in a depressed state still but he showed me how to cope and be better than I was before.