2023 Award of Excellence: Rachel Rousseau, Tartan High School

Rachel Rousseau

Award of Excellence Characteristic: Achievement, Courage, Integrity, Resilience

Nominated by: Melissa Sewick

Parent/Guardian: Leeroy Rousseau, Deborah Gray

Schools Attended: Skyview Elementary and Middle School, Tartan Senior High School

High School Experience: It’s been a interesting experience at tartan in a good way but I will forever remember everything I have learned to help me through college.

Future Plans: I plan to go to Lake Superior college for two years for Medical laboratory Technician.

Mentor and Why Selected: I picked Christina Forsythe because through the tough times she was always there for me. She helped me grow into the person I am today. Even though if I don’t have a class with her she will always check up once in a while to make sure everything is okay.