Michelle Cosgrove

Current or Most recent Profession & Role:  Software Support Consultant (HR and Payroll) for school districts

Your company or personal brand: Sourcewell Technology (formerly TIES)

Goals and aspirations: To make change, inspire others and live happily.

Favorite 622 Education Foundation Event & Why?: The 2020 silent auction because it was the first year the event was virtual.  I was part of an amazing team, stepped out of my comfort zone, had fun and helped raise money for every school in ISD 622. 

Why did you join the 622 Foundation?:  I have 3 young children that will/are currently attending schools in the 622 district.  I am very proud of our district and wanted to find a way to be more involved and create change. And the Foundation is a fun and inspiring group of people to work with! 

Hobbies/Interests:  Community involvement, cooking, organizing, camping, boating, volunteering