2023 Award of Excellence: Kaitlyn Forsberg, Tartan High School

Kaitlyn Forsberg

Award of Excellence Characteristic: Achievement, Imagination

Nominated by: Karen Hyers

Parent/Guardian: Brooke and Bryan Forsberg

Schools Attended: Cottage Grove Elementary (k-2), Eagle Point Elementary (3-5), Skyview Middle School, Tartan High School

High School Experience: Tartan has offered me so many opportunities to explore my academic and personal interests. I am especially thankful for Tartan’s theater community.

Future Plans: I plan to attend University of Wisconin-Madison and major in biochemistry.

Mentor and Why Selected: I’ve been apart of Tartan’s stage crew since my freshman year. Since joint, I’ve grown both as team player and leader. Hannah Stout has been by my side throughout all of this. I’m the leader I am today because of the influence she’s had on me.