2023 Award of Excellence: Isabella Lee, Tartan High School

Isabella Lee

Award of Excellence Characteristic: Achievement, Community, Resilience, Imagination, Integrity

Nominated by: Ryann Dear & Vicki Kapaun

Parent/Guardian: Cher Lee and Yee Lee

Schools Attended: Frost Lake Elementary School, Skyview Middle School, Tartan High School

High School Experience: Being a part of the Tartan Community has made my experience great. I have such supportive peers and teachers who are always there and there is no way to repay them but continue to be the best student they have always encouraged me to be.

Future Plans: I have committed to St. Catherine’s this fall and will major in Studio Art and possibly minor in Business.

Mentor and Why Selected: Ms. Ryann Dear has always helped me encouraged me to do my best and has always supported me in my future goals.