2023 Award of Excellence: Isaac Jeffrey, 622 Online

Isaac Jeffrey

Award of Excellence Characteristic: Imagination

Nominated by: Lori Raebel

Parent/Guardian: Darcy Samson and David Jeffrey

Schools Attended: St Odilia Elementary School, Oakland Middle School, 622 Online

High School Experience: Being able to attend school online has let me really focus on school. Being in online school has prepared me for college because it requires you to be independent and have good time management skills.

Future Plans: I plan to go to college and study either Game Design or eSports Management. I am still trying to decide where to go.

Mentor and Why Selected: Mr. Joshua Granlund taught our Video Production Class. He taught us different video editing techniques and how to make videos that people enjoy. Mr. Granlund allowed us make videos about what I enjoy by encouraging me to use clips that I make from playing video games in class. Being able to take something I enjoy and use it in school helped me really be engaged and excited about the schoolwork. What he taught me, has helped me in my content creation, allowed me to use my imagination and see how creative I can be.