2023 Award of Excellence: Gift Naador, North High School

Gift Naador

Award of Excellence Characteristic: Achievement

Nominated by: Jim Honsa

Parent/Guardian: Mom: Tombari Naador, Dad: Kpobari Naador

Schools Attended: Richardson Elementary School, John Glenn Middle School, North High School

High School Experience: My four years at North High have been both fun and educational. The different social and academic experiences I’ve had will definitely help me in my future plans and career.

Future Plans: After high school, I plan to attend North Dakota State University or the University of North Dakota and study business and marketing.

Mentor and Why Selected: I chose Mr. Thomas Hagel as my mentor because he has gone above and beyond by investing his time and energy into making sure that not just me but all of his students exceed academically. While simultaneously ensuring that we’re healthy mentally and emotionally.