Carey Nadeau

Current or Most recent Profession & Role: Manager, grants and contracts

Company: Hennepin Healthcare Research Institute (the research arm of Hennepin Healthcare System)

Goals and aspirations: I support equitable education for all and look forward to working with the 622 Education Foundation on making that a reality for 622 students.

Favorite 622 Education Foundation Event & Why: Taste of 622, both virtual and live…I LOVE tasting  the treats in the live version, and I live for the fun of the online auction and all the organizing alongside the other talented board members. 

Why did you join the 622 Foundation: Now that my son has moved from elementary school to middle school and my time on the elementary parent group is complete, I wanted a way to stay connected to 622 and support the goals of the district in a meaningful way. 

Hobbies/Interests: crafting, reading, knitting, podcasts, jigsaw puzzles, and movie nights with my family