2023 Award of Excellence: Angela Huezo-Gutierrez, Tartan High School

Angela Huezo-Gutierrez

Award of Excellence Characteristic: Achievement, Imagination

Nominated by: Marco Palacios

Parent/Guardian: Yesica Huezo, Jose Gutierrez

Schools Attended: Emmet. D. Williams Elementary, Skyview Middle School, Tartan High School

High School Experience: It’s been a great experience being part of the Tartan community. I have gained a great amount of skills and knowledge that will help me in the future and will set me up for success.

Future Plans: I plan to go to Drake University and intend to major in business and will be playing on the women’s soccer team.

Mentor and Why Selected: In the few months I got to know Ms. Julie Bachmeier I quickly came to terms that she was going to have a positive impact on me. Ms. Bachmeier is one of those teachers who truly care about their students and recognizes their accomplishments. Ms. Bachmeier always gave me valuable advice that will help me in the future. She was always making sure she told me she was proud of me and I was on the right track and setting myself up for success.