2023 Award of Excellence: Alex Allen, Tartan High School

Alex Allen

Award of Excellence Characteristic: Achievement, Community, Courage, Imagination, Integrity, Resilience

Nominated by: Winnie Allen

Parent/Guardian: Susan Allen and Bruce Allen

Schools Attended: Carver Elementary School, Maplewood Middle School, Tartan High School

High School Experience: I’m very grateful to have gone to Tartan High School because all of the staff truly seem to care about their jobs and the kids they influence. It’s an environment I’ve always felt safe in, and I’ve made some friendships that will last forever.

Future Plans: I plan to attend Century College to complete my generals and discover my interests. Then, I’ll go on to graduate from a four year college.

Mentor and Why Selected: I chose Mrs. Mary Lyle because she was a huge influence to me during first and second grade. She always encouraged us and made the classroom feel like a safe and welcoming space. She truly cares about her students and their success, and I know she always cared about mine.